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@@ -437,6 +437,17 @@ tryflag CFLAGS_AUTO -fno-unwind-tables
tryflag CFLAGS_AUTO -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables
+# Attempt to put each function and each data object in its own
+# section. This both allows additional size optimizations at link
+# time and works around a dangerous class of compiler/assembler bugs
+# whereby relative address expressions are constant-folded by the
+# assembler even when one or more of the symbols involved is
+# replaceable. See gas pr 18561 and gcc pr 66609, 68178, etc.
+tryflag CFLAGS_AUTO -ffunction-sections
+tryflag CFLAGS_AUTO -fdata-sections
# On x86, make sure we don't have incompatible instruction set
# extensions enabled by default. This is bad for making static binaries.
# We cheat and use i486 rather than i386 because i386 really does not