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@@ -76,14 +76,9 @@ musl-gcc hello.c
To configure autoconf-based program to compile and link against musl,
-you may wish to use:
+set the CC variable to musl-gcc when running configure, as in:
-CC="musl-gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure ...
-Correctly-written build systems should not need -D_GNU_SOURCE as part
-of $CC, but many programs do not use feature-test macros correctly and
-simply assume the compiler will automatically give them the kitchen
-sink, so the above command is an easy workaround.
+CC=musl-gcc ./configure ...
You will probably also want to use --prefix when building libraries to
ensure that they are installed under the musl prefix and not in the
@@ -140,9 +135,3 @@ dynamic linker (program interpreter) is /lib/ld-musl-$ If
you're using static linking only, you might instead check the symbols
and look for anything suspicious that would indicate your old glibc or
uClibc was used.
-When building programs against musl, you may still want to ensure the
-appropriate feature test macros get defined, as in:
-CC="gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure ...