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always block signals for starting new threads, refactor start args
whether signals need to be blocked at thread start, and whether unblocking is necessary in the entry point function, has historically depended on intricacies of the cancellation design and on whether there are scheduling operations to perform on the new thread before its successful creation can be committed. future changes to track an AS-safe list of live threads will require signals to be blocked whenever changes are made to the list, so ... prior to commits b8742f32602add243ee2ce74d804015463726899 and 40bae2d32fd6f3ffea437fa745ad38a1fe77b27e, a signal mask for the entry function to restore was part of the pthread structure. it was removed to trim down the size of the structure, which both saved a small amount of stack space and improved code generation on archs where small immediate displacements are less costly than arbitrary ones, by limiting the range of offsets between the base of the thread structure, its members, and the thread pointer. these commits moved the saved mask to a special structure used only when special scheduling was needed, in which case the pthread_create caller and new thread had to synchronize with each other and could use this memory to pass a mask. this commit partially reverts the above two commits, but instead of putting the mask back in the pthread structure, it moves all "start argument" members out of the pthread structure, trimming it down further, and puts them in a separate structure passed on the new thread's stack. the code path for explicit scheduling of the new thread is also changed to synchronize with the calling thread in such a way to avoid spurious futex wakes.
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