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debloat src/thread tree but putting lots of junk in one file
POSIX includes mostly-useless attribute-get functions for each attribute-set function, presumably out of some object-oriented dogmatism. the get functions are not useful with the simple idiomatic usage of attributes. there are of course possible valid uses of them (like writing wrappers for pthread init functions that perform special actions on the presence of certain attributes), but considering how tiny these functions are anyway, little is lost by putting them all in one file, and some build-time cost and archive-file-size benefits are achieved.
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diff --git a/src/thread/pthread_attr_getscope.c b/src/thread/pthread_attr_getscope.c
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--- a/src/thread/pthread_attr_getscope.c
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
-#include "pthread_impl.h"
-int pthread_attr_getscope(const pthread_attr_t *restrict a, int *restrict scope)
- return 0;