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work around gdb issues recognizing sigreturn trampoline on x86_64
gdb can only backtrace/unwind across signal handlers if it recognizes the sa_restorer trampoline. for x86_64, gdb first attempts to determine the symbol name for the function in which the program counter resides and match it against "__restore_rt". if no name can be found (e.g. in the case of a stripped binary), the exact instruction sequence is matched instead. when matching the function name, however, gdb's unwind code wrongly considers the interval [sym,sym+size] rather than [sym,sym+size). thus, if __restore_rt begins immediately after another function, gdb wrongly identifies pc as lying within the previous adjacent function. this patch adds a nop before __restore_rt to preclude that possibility. it also removes the symbol name __restore and replaces it with a macro since the stability of whether gdb identifies the function as __restore_rt or __restore is not clear. for the no-symbols case, the instruction sequence is changed to use %rax rather than %eax to match what gdb expects. based on patch by Szabolcs Nagy, with extended description and corresponding x32 changes added.
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diff --git a/src/signal/x32/restore.s b/src/signal/x32/restore.s
index 27cd3cef..2f06e787 100644
--- a/src/signal/x32/restore.s
+++ b/src/signal/x32/restore.s
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
+ nop
.global __restore_rt __restore
.type __restore_rt,@function
-.type __restore,@function
- movl $0x40000201, %eax /* SYS_rt_sigreturn */
+ mov $0x40000201, %rax /* SYS_rt_sigreturn */
+.size __restore_rt,.-__restore_rt