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new floating point parser/converter
this version is intended to be fully conformant to the ISO C, POSIX, and IEEE standards for conversion of decimal/hex floating point strings to float, double, and long double (ld64 or ld80 only at present) values. in particular, all results are intended to be rounded correctly according to the current rounding mode. further, this implementation aims to set the floating point underflow, overflow, and inexact flags to reflect the conversion performed. a moderate amount of testing has been performed (by nsz and myself) prior to integration of the code in musl, but it still may have bugs. so far, only strto(d|ld|f) use the new code. scanf integration will be done as a separate commit, and i will add implementations of the wide character functions later.
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+#ifndef FLOATSCAN_H
+#define FLOATSCAN_H
+#include <stdio.h>
+long double __floatscan(FILE *, int, int, int, off_t *);