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fix a64l undefined behavior on ILP32 archs, wrong results on LP64 archs
the difference of pointers is a signed type ptrdiff_t; if it is only 32-bit, left-shifting it by 30 bits produces undefined behavior. cast the difference to an appropriate unsigned type, uint32_t, before shifting to avoid this. the a64l function is specified to return a signed 32-bit result in type long. as noted in the bug report by Ed Schouten, converting implicitly from uint32_t only produces the desired result when long is a 32-bit type. since the computation has to be done in unsigned arithmetic to avoid overflow, simply cast the result to int32_t. further, POSIX leaves the behavior on invalid input unspecified but not undefined, so we should not take the difference between the potentially-null result of strchr and the base pointer without first checking the result. the simplest behavior is just returning the partial conversion already performed in this case, so do that.
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