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authorRich Felker <>2012-12-07 23:04:49 -0500
committerRich Felker <>2012-12-07 23:04:49 -0500
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add support for ctors/dtors on arm with modern gcc
a while back, gcc switched from using the old _init/_fini fragments method for calling ctors and dtors on arm to the __init_array and __fini_array method. unfortunately, on glibc this depends on ugly hacks involving making a linker script and pulling parts of libc into the main program binary. so I cheat a little bit, and just write asm to iterate over the init/fini arrays from the _init/_fini asm. the same approach could be used on any arch it's needed on, but for now arm is the only one.
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diff --git a/crt/arm/crti.s b/crt/arm/crti.s
index 0dd978a8..2f658b76 100644
--- a/crt/arm/crti.s
+++ b/crt/arm/crti.s
@@ -1,9 +1,27 @@
.section .init
.global _init
- push {lr}
+ push {r0,r1,r2,r4,r5,lr}
+.weak __fini_array_start
+.weak __fini_array_end
.section .fini
.global _fini
- push {lr}
+ push {r4,r5,r6,lr}
+ adr lr, 1f
+ ldr r4, 2f
+ ldr r5, 2f+4
+ add r4, r4, lr
+ add r5, r5, lr
+1: adr lr, 1b
+ cmp r4, r5
+ beq 3f
+ ldmia r4!, {r3}
+ tst r3,#1
+ moveq pc,r3
+ bx r3
+2: .word __fini_array_start-1b
+ .word __fini_array_end-1b