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preparing build system to handle ports - step 1
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@@ -0,0 +1,116 @@
+sed -e << EOF \
+'/^TYPEDEF/s/TYPEDEF \(.*\) \([^ ]*\);$/#if defined(__NEED_\2) \&\& !defined(__DEFINED_\2)\
+typedef \1 \2;\
+#define __DEFINED_\2\
+/^STRUCT/s/STRUCT * \([^ ]*\) \(.*\);$/#if defined(__NEED_struct_\1) \&\& !defined(__DEFINED_struct_\1)\
+struct \1 \2;\
+#define __DEFINED_struct_\1\
+/^UNION/s/UNION * \([^ ]*\) \(.*\);$/#if defined(__NEED_union_\1) \&\& !defined(__DEFINED_union_\1)\
+union \1 \2;\
+#define __DEFINED_union_\1\
+TYPEDEF unsigned size_t;
+TYPEDEF int ssize_t;
+TYPEDEF long ptrdiff_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __va_list * va_list;
+TYPEDEF long wchar_t;
+TYPEDEF long wint_t;
+TYPEDEF long wctrans_t;
+TYPEDEF long wctype_t;
+TYPEDEF char int8_t;
+TYPEDEF short int16_t;
+TYPEDEF int int32_t;
+TYPEDEF long long int64_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned char uint8_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short uint16_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int uint32_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long uint64_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned char __uint8_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short __uint16_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int __uint32_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long __uint64_t;
+TYPEDEF int8_t int_least8_t;
+TYPEDEF int16_t int_least16_t;
+TYPEDEF int32_t int_least32_t;
+TYPEDEF int64_t int_least64_t;
+TYPEDEF uint8_t uint_least8_t;
+TYPEDEF uint16_t uint_least16_t;
+TYPEDEF uint32_t uint_least32_t;
+TYPEDEF uint64_t uint_least64_t;
+TYPEDEF int8_t int_fast8_t;
+TYPEDEF int int_fast16_t;
+TYPEDEF int int_fast32_t;
+TYPEDEF int64_t int_fast64_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned char uint_fast8_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int uint_fast16_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int uint_fast32_t;
+TYPEDEF uint64_t uint_fast64_t;
+TYPEDEF long intptr_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long uintptr_t;
+TYPEDEF long long intmax_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long uintmax_t;
+TYPEDEF long time_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned useconds_t;
+TYPEDEF int suseconds_t;
+STRUCT timeval { time_t tv_sec; int tv_usec; };
+STRUCT timespec { time_t tv_sec; long tv_nsec; };
+TYPEDEF int pid_t;
+TYPEDEF int id_t;
+TYPEDEF int uid_t;
+TYPEDEF int gid_t;
+TYPEDEF int key_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __pthread * pthread_t;
+TYPEDEF long long off_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int mode_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int nlink_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long ino_t;
+TYPEDEF long long dev_t;
+TYPEDEF long blksize_t;
+TYPEDEF long long blkcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long fsblkcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long long fsfilcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF int timer_t;
+TYPEDEF int clockid_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long clock_t;
+TYPEDEF struct { unsigned long __bits[128/sizeof(long)]; } sigset_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __siginfo siginfo_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int socklen_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short sa_family_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short in_port_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int in_addr_t;
+STRUCT in_addr { in_addr_t s_addr; };
+TYPEDEF struct __FILE_s FILE;
+TYPEDEF int nl_item;
+TYPEDEF struct __locale * locale_t;
+STRUCT iovec { void *iov_base; size_t iov_len; };