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release 1.2.2v1.2.2
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@@ -2236,3 +2236,54 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- mips* had negated error codes for some syscalls (kernel bug)
- mips* SIGEMT was wrongly called SIGSTKFLT
- sh fesetround didn't work correctly on sh
+1.2.2 release notes
+major changes:
+- child restrictions lifted after fork of multithreaded parent
+new features:
+- _Fork function (POSIX-future)
+- reallocarray function (extension from OpenBSD, now widespread)
+- gettid function (kernel tid as supported concept)
+- SIGEV_THREAD_ID sigevent API (Linux extension)
+- tcgetwinsize and tcsetwinsize functions (POSIX-future)
+- faster software sqrt on archs without native sqrt instruction
+- realpath no longer depends on procfs availability & accuracy
+- time zone parser now always prefers 64-bit tables if present
+- crypt_blowfish now supports $2b$ prefix
+- res_query now reports errors via h_errno
+- set*id and setrlimit are now safe in vforked/cloned child
+- setgroups now applies to all threads
+- dlopen debugger notification is improved, should work with lldb
+- setrlimit no longer needs __synccall broadcast on linux 2.6.36+
+- faccessat with AT_EACCESS no longer needs child process on linux 5.8+
+bugs fixed:
+- buffer overflow and infinite loop errors in wcsnrtombs (CVE-2020-28928)
+- sem_close unmapped still-referenced semaphores
+- fork of process with active aio could deadlock or crash paren
+- pthread_cond_wait was broken with priority-inheritance mutex
+- getgrouplist wrongly failed when nscd reported an empty list
+- abort could leak modified SIGABRT disposition to fork or posix_spawn child
+- regression with mallocng: malloc_usable_size(0) crashed
+- readlink wrongly gave EINVAL on zero length dest buffer
+- sqrtl was severely inaccurate (not correctly rounded) on ldquad archs
+- assert failure wrongly flushed stdio (possible deadlock)
+- MUSL_LOCPATH search was broken with multiple components
+- missing newline in herror output
+- possible deadlock in pthread_exit with pshared mutex or barrier usage
+- pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol didn't read back protocol
+- v4l2 ioctl translation for pre-time64 kernels didn't work
+arch-specific bugs fixed:
+- x86_64 longjmp failed to handle 0 argument reliably
+- i386 __set_thread_area fallback for pre-2.6 kernels didn't work
+- missing O_LARGEFILE macro value on x86_64, x32, mips64
+- unpredictable s390x breakage from failure to preserve call-saved registers