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authorRich Felker <>2018-06-01 22:05:48 -0400
committerRich Felker <>2018-06-01 22:05:48 -0400
commit029c622a89bf8cc15fd9fd56e8e88465ca6130cf (patch)
parent165a1e37a570422c3f3f816a734bfea0366982e5 (diff)
fix output size handling for multi-unicode-char big5-hkscs characters
since this iconv implementation's output is stateless, it's necessary to know before writing anything to the output buffer whether the conversion of the current input character will fit. previously we used a hard-coded table of the output size needed for each supported output encoding, but failed to update the table when adding support for conversion to jis-based encodings and again when adding separate encoding identifiers for implicit-endianness utf-16/32 and ucs-2/4 variants, resulting in out-of-bound table reads and incorrect size checks. no buffer overflow was possible, but the affected characters could be converted incorrectly, and iconv could potentially produce an incorrect return value as a result. remove the hard-coded table, and instead perform the recursive iconv conversion to a temporary buffer, measuring the output size and transferring it to the actual output buffer only if the whole converted result fits.
1 files changed, 13 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/src/locale/iconv.c b/src/locale/iconv.c
index 05d42095..3047c27b 100644
--- a/src/locale/iconv.c
+++ b/src/locale/iconv.c
@@ -458,16 +458,24 @@ size_t iconv(iconv_t cd, char **restrict in, size_t *restrict inb, char **restri
* range in the hkscs table then hard-coded
* here. Ugly, yes. */
if (c/256 == 0xdc) {
- if (totype-0300U > 8) k = 2;
- else k = "\10\4\4\10\4\4\10\2\4"[totype-0300];
- if (k > *outb) goto toobig;
- x += iconv(combine_to_from(to, find_charmap("utf8")),
+ union {
+ char c[8];
+ wchar_t wc[2];
+ } tmp;
+ char *ptmp = tmp.c;
+ size_t tmpx = iconv(combine_to_from(to, find_charmap("utf8")),
&(char *){"\303\212\314\204"
+c%256}, &(size_t){4},
- out, outb);
+ &ptmp, &(size_t){sizeof tmp});
+ size_t tmplen = ptmp - tmp.c;
+ if (tmplen > *outb) goto toobig;
+ if (tmpx) x++;
+ memcpy(*out, &tmp, tmplen);
+ *out += tmplen;
+ *outb -= tmplen;
if (!c) goto ilseq;