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+noXCUse: New Open XCU Simple Edition
+ or, No Excuse for bloat and brokenness
+This package is a collection of implementation of some (but by no
+means all) of the utilities specified in the SUS/POSIX "XCU" (Shell &
+Utilities) volume. They are designed to be as simple as possible while
+meeting the requirements of the standard and general usability
+considerations (like not being horrendously slow or imposing excessive
+limitations). Unlike other size-oriented implementations such as
+Busybox and Toybox, noXCUse does not use a unified binary or
+significant amounts of shared-across-tools library code, making it
+easy to cherry-pick the set of tools you need for a particular system.
+Development priority has been given to the tools whose implementations
+in Busybox are inadequate; in most cases, it's a matter of Busybox
+failing to support multibyte characters (UTF-8) in utilities whose
+primary function is character processing (such as fold and wc).
+In addition to the "priority" utilities, some low-hanging fruit (that
+is, utterly trivial utilities) has been included simply "because it's
+These utilities were developed and tested using musl as the C library,
+and while they aim to be conforming programs with respect to SUS, they
+make some assumptions: for example that multibyte character encoding
+is stateless and that resynchronization is possible. The iconv utility
+also has a hard-coded list of (as subset of) the charsets supported by
+musl, since there is no portable way to query the C iconv interface
+for this information.
+Finally, note that aside from the iconv utility, no development has
+been done on these utilities since 2007 (pre-SUSv4/POSIX-2008). I may
+gradually add more utilities to the collection, but this is completely
+a side project.
+Rich Felker / dalias