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add or1k (OpenRISC 1000) architecture port
With the exception of a fenv implementation, the port is fully featured. The port has been tested in or1ksim, the golden reference functional simulator for OpenRISC 1000. It passes all libc-test tests (except the math tests that requires a fenv implementation). The port assumes an or1k implementation that has support for atomic instructions (l.lwa/l.swa). Although it passes all the libc-test tests, the port is still in an experimental state, and has yet experienced very little 'real-world' use.
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+.section .init
+ l.lwz r9,0(r1)
+ l.jr r9
+ l.addi r1,r1,4
+.section .fini
+ l.lwz r9,0(r1)
+ l.jr r9
+ l.addi r1,r1,4