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fix remaining known namespace violations for netinet/in.h
the imr_, imsf_, ip6_, ip6m_, ipi_, ipi6_, SCM_, and SOL_ prefixes are not in the reserved namespace for this header. thus the constants and structures using them need to be protected under appropriate feature test macros. this also affects some headers which are permitted to include netinet/in.h, particularly netdb.h and arpa/inet.h. the SOL_ macros are moved to sys/socket.h where they are in the reserved namespace (SO*). they are still accessible via netinet/in.h since it includes sys/socket.h implicitly (which is permitted). the SCM_SRCRT macro is simply removed, since the definition used for it, IPV6_RXSRCRT is not defined anywhere. it could be re-added, this time in sys/socket.h, if the appropriate value can be determined; however, given that the erroneous definition was not caught, it is unlikely that any software actually attempts to use SCM_SRCRT.
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