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emulate lazy relocation as deferrable relocation
traditional lazy relocation with call-time plt resolver is intentionally not implemented, as it is a huge bug surface and demands significant amounts of arch-specific code and requires ongoing maintenance to ensure compatibility with applications which make use of new additions to the arch's register file in passing function arguments. some applications, however, depend on the ability to dlopen modules which have unsatisfied symbol references at the time they are loaded, either avoiding use of the affected interfaces or manually loading another module to provide the missing definition via their own module dependency tracking outside the ELF data structures. while such usage is non-conforming, failure to support it has been a significant obstacle for users/distributions trying to support affected software, particularly the server. instead of resolving lazy relocations at call time, this patch saves unresolved GOT/PLT relocations for deferral and retries them after each subsequent dlopen until they are resolved. since dlopen is the only time at which the effective global symbol table can change, this behavior is not observably different from traditional lazy binding, and the required code is minimal.
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